Get more returning visitor in a big way
Make your Free Wifi become a powerful customer insights tool and effective marketing campaigns that will increase your sales and returning customers automagically.

The importance of offering Free Wi-Fi is clear.

Competitive Differentiator

1 in 10 people admitted to leaving a venue because there was no free Wi-Fi access

Telecom Paper

Increases Time Spent In-Store

One third of consumers said they would stay in the store longer if free Wi-Fi was available

WiFi Alliance

Encourages Repeat Visits

48% of consumers say they are more likely to shop at a store that gives them access to free Wi-Fi

WiFi Alliance

Grows Communication Channel

74% of people would be happy for a retailer to send a text or email with promotions while they’re using in-store Wi-Fi


Consumer Expectation

1 in 4 consumers admit to searching for unlocked Wi-Fi networks whenever possible to reduce mobile data usage

Wi-Fi Alliance

Grow Social Media

56% of social network users have stated they would use their social profiles to login in return for a customized experience with a brand

CMO Council

How can it work for your business?

Step 1

Grant visitors with WiFi access

Visitors log in to guest WiFi through the captive portal, using their favorite social media account, email, phone number or a questionnaire to connect. Customize your guest WiFi welcome page with your own brand or external graphical and video ads and encourage your customers to get involved. Visitors is encouraged to share on Social Media and “Like” the business’ Facebook page to access Free Wi-Fi.

Step 2

Get guest WiFi data and insight

Visitors get Internet access and provide you with their personal data in return. Analyze and visualize real-time and historical location data to get actionable insights. You get all the information about visitors gender, age, and location as well as their engagement and retention rate. It’s all done quickly without filling up a form, good for you and good for your customer!

Step 3

Run targeted marketing campaigns

Analyze user data to get to know your customers and create automated targeted effective marketing campaigns based on visitor behaviour and their demographics, automatically send custom notifications or coupons and visualise your WiFi and customer data to increase customer loyalty, return visits and sales!

Can WiFi Marketing Help My Business?

Generate powerful venue, location and customer analytics

WiFi analytics can significantly enhance your customer interactions, help you refine your marketing tactics, and send relevant campaigns to your customers in real time. The knowledge from data points like hotspots, guests visits, demographics, email open rates, coupon redemptions, footfall, and more allows you to serve dynamic messaging to each customer when they’re most likely to take action. Our easy-to-use portal congregates everything in one place so you can quickly manage and take action on your insights and campaigns.

Powerful services to control your network

WiFi Marketing isn’t just good for your guests. It’s good for your business, too. We allows you to protect your network with separation between your guests and business assets. Free your staff up from constantly giving out the WiFi password. Promote efficiency with plug and play integrations. You can even prevent unauthorized users from taking up too much bandwidth. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world there’s no excuse for not taking full advantage of the capabilities WiFi Marketing offers.

Easily do your own campaign.

WiFi Marketing offers multiple features to market to customers and analyze their behavior to increase revenue for your store. Increase engagement and repeat visits with branded campaigns through SMS, email, and social media. From the login screen to coupons and visit reminders, your brand is front and center and you are in complete control of what your visitors see.

Case Studies

Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Beach, Bali

"Internet connectivity is no longer an amenity. It has become an integral part of travelers’ daily lives and a basic expectation. Freebitswifi helps them to get in contact with their restaurant and bar visitors."

Rainbow Hills Golf Sentul, Bogor

"Golf clubs that started providing free WiFi for the guests attract more audience, new members and benefit from that. They are tied into the venue for a significant period of time, yet they want to be on top of what friends are posting in social networks as well as share their own impressions."

Frozbit ISP Denpasar, Bali

"Provide hotspot in housing area, shopping centre, hotel / villa, and public facility, to give high flexibility and mobility for client in enjoying to access the internet whenever it is required. Frozbit have vision become the best WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in technological development application and market development of wireless local area network (WLAN)."

Do I Need Additional WiFi Infrastructure?

Freebitswifi platforms are hardware neutral. What does that mean? If you’re already using any of the below Smart WiFi compatible equipment, you’re all set. If not, no worries. Our platform is completely plug-and-play, meaning we can supply you with a Smart WiFi controller. Just plug it in, and you’ll be building your customer list in minutes.

How Much?

The costs of WiFi marketing automation software and WiFi marketing plans vary greatly. We offer a free Starter Plan that allows our customers to see the benefits of WiFi marketing before they decide to upgrade. Once you see the potential ROI of WiFi marketing, we think you’ll see a WiFi marketing plan as less as a cost and more as a profit center.

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